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As the old saying goes, art is in the eye of the beholder. I invite you to take a minute to explore the twinkle in mine.

Since I can remember I have been enchanted with color and sound. The way natural colors merge into the landscape shared with the sweet whispers of life. The kaleidoscope of colors in a sunset, ever changing, inspiring a rush of emotions that electrifies my soul.

Through my art I hope to pass these feeling unto you.

Each painting I create is an attempt to capture a brief moment in time. Each windchime celebrates life with its own unique sound. I imagine every JohnyMan as a sentinel, steadily, quietly witnessing life and hopefully adding a smile onto one’s face.

Matlacha is home to several local artists. Below you have the chance to view a few that are on the island. You will be able to read a little about them as well as links to their website to view their work.